About Gary L White

About Gary L White

A Web-Master, one of those titles that makes you ask, what the heck is that?

 I build website pages, write articles, product podcasts, create webinars and how-to guides, product sheets, market evaluation guides, cheat sheets to make work easier.  I do many more things that are never seen on the front end of websites.

 For example key word search, domain name guidance, hosting outlines and more.  Now the word Web-Master may mean a bit more but remember we are not all the same.  Some people that call themselves web-masters and have no formal training and minimal experience.

Most people know very little about the Internet and website internal workings.  Gary L White, who usually goes by Gary or Gman, started as a young executive using computers for word processing and spread sheets.  Heck cell phones today have more memory than my first Apple computer.

Well that’s close, but let’s not hand out stuffed animals yet, like those at carnivals. 

Gary White
Sharing unique perspectives on business and small business management.

Most people like to know who they are dealing with before they risk much more than a few minutes of their time.

Not to waste your valuable time with lots of self indulgent accolades.  But I wanted to give you enough information to know why and how my background can help you and your business become as successful, as you want to be.

I have a Master’s Certification from the University of San Francisco in Website Design and Internet Marketing.  I started using computers and the Internet before to many people knew it was going to be important.  That in itself doesn’t mean much.  But consider that I have been in the trenches as a small business owner and held president and vice president positions for multi-million dollar corporations as their marketing VP’s and Presidential positions.

The Master’s was my most recent education, I also attended the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin.  Business, Marketing, Finance and Engineering is in my educational background.  I held patents, created multiple businesses from scratch yet first and foremost I am an entrepreneur.  If I hadn’t had a very very supportive wife I would be working for somebody else, even today.

I have published over 4000 articles and have 5 books ready to hit Amazon.
Why is this important to you?

If you are going use someones information on starting a business, creating a product or company promotion, the accuracy and creditability of your source has to be accurate and reliable.  Especially if you are going to revitalize an existing business, you need to have the help of someone who has done it before.  Small business owners need someone who has personally rolled up their sleeves and gotten dirty. Someone who has been in the trenches and emerged successful.

I sold my first patented product to Sam’s Club and eventually all the Wal-Mart stores as well.  Our company also became a vendor to Wal-Mart and shipped millions of dollars of point of purchase displays to their stores.  I owned a custom design and manufacturing company.

Day to Day Business Management
Small business ownership has a few devils lurking in the details and a whole bunch of rewards if done right.  Contact Gary L White.

My client list grew to a Who’s Who’s in consumer marketing.  I had Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox, Toys R Us, Meijer Stores, Costco, Park Davis, Herman Miller Office Furniture, Steelcase Office Furniture, Kmart, and even products in the White House.  The list is much longer but you get the drift.

 I bought a small company with 12 employees including manufacturing and office staff.  Total sales was $885,000.00 when I walked in the door.  The day I sold the company, five years later, we were doing 6.4 million in sales with a 30% profit margin.  We also had over 100 employees and doubled the facility size and maintained the staff of seven.  Think it can’t be done?  You would be wrong.  Purchasing, accounting, two sales

I started a printing and graphics company from scratch.  The company didn’t exist.  Within a year of opening the doors I was the largest digital printer in the county.  I was supplying the other printers products and doing vinyl graphics that covered semi’s, bill boards and even custom vinyl wrapped a car for a invitation only golf outing with the World Champion Boston Red Socks, at the time.  I had no experience in graphics or the application of vinyl wraps on cars, semi’s or commercial vehicles.  So how did I do it?  I know business, I understand fulfilling a need.  I know how to create value in my services that is difficult to find and harder to replace.  Pretty simple business strategy when you think about.

I share this for one reason, so you know one thing, I am who I say I am.  I take very calculated risks that have a minimum of 75% success rate.  If it is above 75% I know I am golden.  I worked my butt off and every small business owner that has been successful says same thing.  Many small business owners I have interviewed, all told me, I thought owning my own business would be different.

I knew exactly what they meant, they didn’t have to say another word.  Business owners didn’t think about cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, paying the bills on time, calculating payroll and taxes.  They thought, just like I did.  I would be doing what I want and love.  You would be the boss!  I have to tell you taking out the trash and cleaning the bathrooms wasn’t even on my radar either.

Small Business Owners soon learn, after a few years, they can’t do everything.  It took me a while to delegate and hire services for cleaning.  Then I attended a a lot of seminars, reading and additional education before I finally figured out a formula that worked and was repeatable.  It is like baking a cake having an ingredient missing.  The cake looked right but it didn’t taste right.

Business is kind of like the cake.  From the outside it can look right but the profits are not what they should be.  Once you find that missing ingredient the profits start flowing and you can grin all the way to the bank!

Ranking Website and Pages
Ever wonder what it takes to get on the first page of Google and stay there?

This is a list of the many things consultants tell you to do but the truth is they are only half right and some cases completely wrong.

Google has made many changes to their algorithm (crawlers) to check on content quality.

Many companies don’t have to great content.

Google created Algorithms for one purpose, their customers.  Googles business model is simple and evolving.  Provide the best information to their users.  The first agenda of Google is to provide the best local information based on relevancy of the search quarry string.  Bad content is gone quickly from the top 10 pages.  People using the search engines rarely go past the first page.  So it goes without saying, it is really important for small business website materials and content to be great.

So here is your first major nugget that will help you immediately.  Most small businesses need more sales.  If you have been really smart you have a customer list compiled of everyone you sold.  That is worth gold in your bank account, if you also compiled a email list as well.  Review the list below and use what fits your business immediately.

  1. Go through all your slow moving inventory.  Create a flyer with a discount equal to your investment.  I know you won’t make a profit this time.  BUT are you making a profit with it sitting in your inventory?  NO.  So sell it get rid of it, so you can invest in new products or services that sell and create a profits.
  2. Get as many eMails of your customers as possible.  I don’t care if you deliver products, ship them or they are picked up at your counter.  You want an active email list.  You want to send emails to your clients either with special offers, newsletters or discount service coupons.  Before you jump off a cliff and think I am nuts, create an A), B) and C) list of you customers.  A) being the ones that buy regularly.  B) the clients that buy twice a month and the C) customers are the ones that buy 1 time or less per month. D) I didn’t mention they buy once a year or less D) DEAD!
  3. Send discount coupons to the C customer list.  You want them back and they need your friendly service and products to remember you every month more than once.  Now if they buy twice a month you doubled your profits from this customer segment.

    Graphic Sharing Decision Analysis
    Small Business Owners sometimes need a hired gun in their corner, to reach their goals. Making the right choice when you need is crucial. Contact Gary White.
  4. Send specials to your B) customers using your vendors to help you.  I want you to ask your vendors to help you with an incentive.  You are doing the work to send out emails, to promote their products.  They usually have a vendor advertising fund and will help you with a small discount or dollars that you pass it on, without changing your profit margin.  Go through your vendor list until you find a vendor willing to help.  I make sure I remembered the NO’s too.  Even to the point of replacing them at times especially if they were a supplier to my competitor.  Don’t drop a vendor if they are your number one source of income!  I share later how to get them to help you in another article.
  5. Your A) customers, this is where you can really make a jump in cash flow.  Bundle, one of your slow moving products with an Item that they always buy.  The bundled item(s) has to be something that is a slow mover for you, but also something your A) customer rarely or never buys.  Why is this a key?  You are lowing your price to rid your inventory of the dogs that bark when you walk by them.  You are going to discount the dog and bundle it with a high turn item or product, with one of your slow moving product(s).  The combined lower price makes them attractive when bundled.  You should also make sure the products or service compliment each other.  Your A) customer may never buy the dog again but you know your dog is now barking in someone else’s yard.  You’ll never bring that dog back into your inventory either.

Now you may think this is an ethics issue by bundling a slow moving product.  Just because it is slow moving for you doesn’t mean it will be slow moving for someone else.  Secondly this is smart business you are providing a product that may be, what I call, a Profit Sleeper because of a sales bias.  I can give you example after example of products jumping out of inventory for one company and gathering dust in another.

Have you ever not liked a product or company so much that your personal bias stopped you from presenting it to a customer.  It may be a perfectly good product for you client but you did’t like it.  So you are so bias against the product or company, you couldn’t sell it if you gave it away!

As you can see I offer much more than just Website Design and Internet Marketing.  I combine my education, business skills and first hand consumer research knowledge when creating websites, product articles, videos, webinars and much more.

I work as the Webmaster for Garden Management Group, LLC they own and operate 5 online companies all focusing on small business owners.  

Now you know a bit more “About Gary White”.

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