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Photo of me in my ball cap which is how you will see me most times when in the sun.

Gary White
Sharing unique perspectives on business and small business management.

I am Gary l. White, me and around 1.2 million others with my first and last name including middle initial too.  Who knew?  I Googled it, I didn’t know either.  Yes that is me on the left, I just wanted to make sure you had the right guy.  Just in case you don’t stick around for a few minutes.

 I have my professional photo too, just so you know I clean up well too.

Photo of Gary L White
Headshot Photo in a suit instead of his ball cap.

Contact Me, Gary L White the guy in the Suit.  You can use the form below.

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Why not have someone with a Master’s Certification in Website Design and Internet Marketing, instead of the person that learns on the job.  Learning with his clients websites.

  • Do you want someone with a boatload of real business management experience, that’s me.
  • If you really want a person that understands most small business owners have great ideas of their own; and just need the help to publish them on the web, that’s me too.

I was one of you, except I wasn’t as smart as you!  I paid guys for years to make websites for me.  The guys I hired, sounded good, had the right credentials but they never really hit the mark for me.

I honestly believe they had the book learning and skills they just didn’t have the business skill to create a business website.   These people never worked their butts off to own a business.  They didn’t know what it was like to make sure everyone got paid before you get your paycheck.

To put it bluntly, they talked a good game.  Small Business Owners need more than talk.  They need results.  They need people they can count on to pull the load they were hired to do.

Now you know why I went back to college.  I didn’t have to pay these Guru’s to learn their craft and use my money to do.  I wanted a website that worked but wasn’t willing to keep throwing money into someone else’s pocket.

The short video below I made in about one hour.  That includes graphics, music and  compiling into a presentation package.  This same video could have a voice over with music playing at a low level in the background.


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With the real Gary White, you’ll find someone who knows markets, and niches.  I have started over 10 businesses from scratch.  I have paid a pretty hefty price for those so called Guru’s of Website Design.  All I had to show for all my work and theirs was a website that didn’t get me any new customers or make me any money.   The money was gone and so were they, when I said enough, fix the website the way we discussed.  I can save you from the pitfalls and the huge dollars on websites and you get great results

Best of all I show you how to build and  maintain your own website, contents and photos, everything.  You own it it is yours.  The technical stuff I’ll handle if you want, that would be your choice.  The truth is I look at this as giving back to small business owners everywhere.  I spent over $60,000.00 on a couple of websites.  I would have gotten more from my money by giving the money to a charity.

Contact me if you need someone who really understands being a small business owner and has been in the trenches.

Gary L.White.  I don’t think you need another photo of me! 🙂